A cold Christmas shoot ..

This was by far the coldest event I’ve done in .. ever. And at the same time I felt warmth when I watched all those people get their Christmas theme images.

To keep the spirit of Christmas ..

Once upon a time, actually just last year, a man realized an idea; a fun place for dogs. He opened the doors to his indoors swimming pool for dogs. And already having several related projects in mind he named it Fun4Dogs!

And through this first year his ideas became a reality with activities and services that should fit any dog. Treadmills, lure race track, 750 meters drag track, a weight pull track that meets the official standard and that is just to mention a few. And in return for this, besides the business side, he was rewarded with a community of users, and their owners, that makes this place so nice and special to visit time and time again.

Unlike Christmas tales this one isn’t over yet and hopefully not for a long time; my dogs use it!

To celebrate Fun4Dogs first year in business and give thanks to the community around it, he arranged a day with free swimming and threats for both dogs and humans. In preparation for this day he wanted to do something extraordinary, with a twist of Christmas; theme photography for dogs! That is where I enter the story.

The setting for this photo event

This setting made it possible to get a lot of great images with dogs, without forcing them. Some dogs were trained to wear a Santa hat, others just went as they were and they all looked great. I doubt any of them knew why all the Christmas stuff were there. Nonetheless they did it and their owners got what they came for; a Christmas portrait.

A family Christmas ..
Chester, Lilo and child

Children and dogs in the same image isn’t a problem, just a challenge. This image only succeeded because we placed the boy in the box, thereby creating a natural center to place the dogs around. These photography events only leaves room for 5-10 minutes per session, 15 if there is a great image in the making. I shoot somewhere between 4 and 9 photos, leaving the owners at least two great images to choose from and get via email before they leave the room. So there is a lot that could a have been different or better, when you watch the images afterwards. Some things can’t be changed, like where the dogs sit. Other issues like light setup can be changed, but never equal to studio quality.


This Renaissance Bulldog baby had a helping hand but after the flashes had fired once she just stood there looking adorable. Some dog owners think that flash light hurts the dogs eyes. But before I started using flash lights in dog photography, IĀ researched it and consulted with different vets. Conclusion; their eyes is not damaged by flash lights!

.. a powerful flash straight into anyone’s eyes can potentially be harmful!


This one looks kinda scruffy, almost like a lost street dog .. he had a swim just before this image was shot šŸ™‚

Finishing this “Christmas tale” with the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” .. but which words!

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