Gentleman Driver

A while ago, I asked Lenny if I could shoot some images, of him and his Harley Davidson, and use for promotion/marketing. In return, he would get some images, to show the world, this is whom I am. His reply, as only he can say it, translated:

Sure thing, Champ! Anytime 🙂

Gentleman Driver
Gentleman Driver

First off, finding a location that had enough space and easy access. The studios I know of, with enough space, doesn’t have easy access or allow vehicles. So I started looking for alternative locations; warehouses, old factories, barns etc. No luck .. But having friends, in this case a mutual friend, proved to be what friends are for; helping each other!

I used the same shed/barn, for the Cold Christmas Shoot, and even though it is a bit too small, for a shoot like this, it has a high ceiling. Getting lights up high is the easiest way to light a motorcycle. The Christmas decoration, all of it, was still there so I used the other end, without the white walls. The floor is concrete and fairly new meaning, that there is a thick layer of white powder everywhere. We tried sweeping it but that resulted in a small sand storm .. not ideal when using a camera.

The Shed-Up ..

Looking at this image makes we wonder how we managed to get any images, at all. Maybe because we had the ideas, time and patience!

You may have noticed, that the background doesn’t match the final image .. a lot of retouching and coffee. I could have used a black paper backdrop but with all that dust ..

And finally, with my butt in the powder, I got a fairly good shot of a really great guy 🙂



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